For over a decade we have put on small and large scale events for our clients. Here are a few examples of what we’ve accomplished in the past.

Edinburgh's Christmas 2014-2017

We were awarded the contract after going the extra mile for our previous Edinburgh Christmas event in 2013 with a large rectangular rink with a boot room crafted from wood for a vintage 'alpine' aesthetic. During Christmas 2014 we hosted our second winter event at Edinburgh's Christmas Market with a big innovation; two rinks set up with two distinctly unique methods. Thinking 'outside of the box' for our second rink we abandoned the traditional rectangular look for an oval rink formed around the St.Andrews square monument with a bar opposite the boot room so parents could enjoy a drink whilst their children were skating in the company of our talented ice stewards. 

The oval rink took 20km of piping, 200 tons of sand, two bridges made specifically for the event, and around the clock 24-hour efforts from a labour crew working around the restrictions of the deadline and the work site to put together the most unique temporary ice rink ever to grace the face of Scotland. Both rinks were a huge commercial success serving over 70,000 skaters.


Nottingham Winter Wonderland 2014

During the winter period of 2014 we provided and managed the largest outdoor rink the area of Nottingham has ever seen at 750 square metres and was given the challenge of building it up on top of a sloping site and water fountains whilst working around the build up of the christmas markets and against time constraints. The effort was well worth it as we served over 30,000 skaters and it was a huge success for Nottingham and ourselves.


Newcastle Winter Wonderland 2014

Newcastle Town Centre worked with us to provide a fantastic Winter Wonderland experience for the people of Newcastle and their visitors in the run up to Christmas 2014.

The event was designed as an all day extravaganza to attract families for a complete day out, bringing the magic of Christmas alive with a purpose built 20 by 30 metre rink alongside a children’s fairground and the traditional German markets. The collaboration with Newcastle Town Partnership helped us succeed in our vision of making Newcastle the best christmas event in Staffordshire.


Chester Winter Wonderland 2013


The 2013 Chester racecourse event was a huge Winter Wonderland with every aspect designed by us ranging from a winter themed fairground, snow globe, and santa's grotto all surrounding the ice rink as our main attraction. The event held over 100,000 visitors over the course of 8 weeks and was a huge success.