Paul Minney (Director)

Paul started as a marquee contractor 35 years ago and has been responsible for many small and large scale projects as the chief of PM Events. The company was formed with the goal of closing the gap between event organisers with little technical knowhow and industry professionals with little imagination, forming an all encompassing company that brings the best of both worlds.

These events include large graduation ceremonies, Asian weddings, and parties for over 2,000 guests all at the top end of the market involving marquees, bars, catering and entertainment.

After looking into the risks and expenses the decision was made to open Very Nice Ice, bringing the same attitude and tenacity that made PM Events such a huge success. And the results speak for themselves.


Elaine Minney (Director) 

Head of HR and staff training, Elaine has worked in the seasonal events industry since she entered the company in 2006 and is now responsible for the induction, training, and management of seasonal staff.


Mark Haworth (Site manager and ice technician)

Mark has 25 years previous experience under his belt as an event organiser including the Lord’s Tavemers, corporate and private hospitality events, and managing one of London’s biggest seasonal ice rinks for several years. Mark is devoted to the ice rink craft, spending the necessary hours to get the ice just right for the public. 


Dan Hooper (Contracted Health and Safety Consultant)

Dan hooper was contracted as our dedicated Health and Safety consultant in 2013 to aid us by providing risk assessments, method statements, site inspections, and first aid training for ice rink staff. He’s a registered nurse, holds an occupational health nursing certificate and is a chartered member of the institution of occupational safety and health.


Jake Minney (Build and Maintenance)

Chris Minney (Design and Web)